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University of Oxford Course admission status 2023

University of Oxford Course admission status 2023

Are you looking to finding out about your University of Oxford Course admission status 2023? This article furnishes you with all the information you need to know about University of Oxford course admission status 2023 and many other very useful information you need to know. This article provides you with information on the University of Oxford’s color-coding system depicting the status of an application. This helps you know what necessary steps you need to take as far as you application is concerned.

University of Oxford Course admissions status 2023:
Each course will have one of the following indicated on the page:

Open to applications (Green)
The course is open for admission. If the listed deadlines have passed, there are still places available for you to apply for and the course will stay open until these are filled. The final closing date will be advertised on the course page, usually at least one week in advance.

Closing to applications (Gold)
The course will close on the date indicated, usually on a Friday at 12.00 midday UK time. The specific date and time of the deadline will be given.

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Closed to applications (Red)
The course isn’t currently accepting applications for 2023-24 study. Occasionally a closed course may re-open later: for example, if studentships become available.

Admission via separate process (Blue)
The course uses a non-standard application form, application process and deadlines, so the admissions status won’t appear on the course page.

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